New details in case of arrests at Leuseni and Sculeni border-crossing points

The twelfth customs officer detained after searches at Leuseni and Sculeni customs posts, was placed in custody. The decision of Buiucani sector Court has issued an warrant for customs employees.

On November 3rd, another 11 customs officers were placed in custody on accusation of passive corruption, active corruption and forgery of public documents.

However, some have confessed and cooperated with the investigation and they will be investigated at freedom.

Prosecutors have been tracking the customs officers since February 2016, on the suspicion of law violations committed by economical agents.

PUBLIKA.MD mentions that 30 people were detained after searches at customs office on November 1st. These include customs officers, border guards, economical agents and drivers. The suspects are accused of forgery of public documents, abuse of power, bribes and risk up to 10 years in prison.

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