New Details! 7-year-old child found in a well from Telenești was SHOT

New horrifying details regarding the 7-year-old's body found in a well from Verejeni village, Telenești. The child was reported missing last evening.

According to law enforcement, the boy's 14-year-old friend has shot him by accident with a hunting rifle that belonged to his father.

The minor and his father were arrested for questionings and to establish all circumstances.

According to representatives from Civil Protection and Exceptional Situations Service, rescuers from Telenești received an alert from police, of a child missing since 18 November.

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"We first searched the village. Finally, decided to drain some wells near the boy's house, having managed to find the body after draining 3 wells 20 meter deep" chief of Teleneşti Emergency Services, Ion Vesca explained.

Relatives confess that they searched for the boy the whole night: "We started searching with all our relatives, around the house, maybe he was playing somewhere nearby. We even looked into wells but couldn't see anything. -Have you looked the whole night? -Until 04:30."

"He would never follow a stranger. That was the question. Would always ask if it was alright to leave. On Wednesday he was supposed to celebrate his 7th birthday, 7th! His mother was already preparing for it."

"He was an amazing little boy. Had good grades and always listened to his parents. I was scared, who would have thought that something like this could happen? We searched thinking that he was alive and healthy."

The teenager that made the shot using his father's firearm was arrested.

"At first we didn't know that there was another minor that played and supposedly shot him by accident in his left shoulder. The firearm belonged to the teenager's father and was kept illegally. It is yet unknown how the child ended up in that well" chief of Teleneşti criminal investigation section, Ludmila Ostaf explained.

Forensics will soon establish whether the boy passed away due to the injury, or he drowned in the well. Officers suspect that the 14-year-old was helped by his father in hiding evidence of the crime.

The victim's relives have posted since yesterday all over the social networks pleas to help locate the missing child. Hundreds of volunteers have helped the searches. They have shared the news with the boy's picture and his mother's phone number.

The parents have another 8-year-old son.

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