New Defense Minister doesn't want to answer on questions. He doesn't know if he wants the withdrawal of Russian troops from Moldova

The new Defense Minister does not know whether he wants the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Pavel Voicu, who is the exponent of the Socialists in the Government of Maia Sandu, said he needed documentation until he took a stand.
"REPORTER: As Minister of Defense, will you insist on the withdrawal of the Russian Armed Forces from the territory of the Republic of Moldova, if so, what will you do in this respect? VOICU: I will analyze the situation at the moment in the Ministry of Defense. I will analyze all the strategies that have been so far All reforms and projects that have been beneficial for the country and the citizens will be preserved If we do not work together with our colleagues to adjust them to the situation created in the country .
We insisted on finding a concrete answer from the new minister, but he could not tell us anything new.
"REPORTER: I have not received a concrete answer, will you do something like the troops to be withdrawn or not? VOICU: To do something I have to analyze the situation.
REPORTER: But you want that, do not you think it's a danger?
VOICU: We want good for the Republic of Moldova, that is why other structures are involved. The Ministry of Defense is only a component of this structure that works in this area. "
The minister does not have an answer even if, a year ago, the Government of Philip persuaded the United Nations to adopt a resolution by which most UN member states repeatedly demanded the withdrawal of the Russian army from the Transnistrian region.

The new Defense Minister took office today at a special ceremony. The event also came from President Igor Dodon.

Pavel Voicu was a former policeman and came to the public opinion as a result of the April 7, 2009 violence. According to the press, being a Botanic commissioner, Voicu would have been an accomplice to the mistreatment of several young detainees. But he denied any accusation.

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