New conditions for DNA evidence in investigation of crimes

The bill on genetic judicial record was approved at today's meeting of the Executive.

The document provides the necessary conditions for collection and storage of genetic samples (DNA) to prevent and combat crimes and identify missing persons.

The draft lays down the basis for genetic registration, the people from whom DNA samples can be taken, given that these samples are collected and regulates the administration of accumulated material. Thus, samples will be taken by qualified persons of the General Inspectorate of Police or the Center for Forensic Medicine.

Also, the Laboratory of Molecular genetic analysis and genetic computerized database will be created in order to quickly identify perpetrators based on their DNA and exchanging information on genetic data with other states.

In order for the laboratory to be created, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will purchase the necessary equipment and the training staff from the funds amounting to 3.5 million euros.

The document to be submitted to Parliament for consideration.

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