New attempt to pronounce sentence for ex-Transport Minister, Iurie Chirinciuc

A new attempt to pronounce the sentence in the case of former Transport Minister Iurie Chirinciuc. Magistrates of the Chişinău Court will announce the sentence for the former dignitary today.

The meeting with the former Minister of Transport Iurie Chirinciuc was repeatedly postponed last week because the judge had health problems.

The dignitary was detained at the end of April, being charged with corruption and influence peddling.

According to the CNA, Chirinciuc exerted pressure on a company that won the auctions financed by the European Investment Bank to repair a road, to yield 50 percent of its works to affiliated companies.

At the end of June, the former Transport acknowledge guilt in exchange for a milder punishment.

The former dignitary committed the blame, which led to the case being examined under simplified regime.
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