New adults-only tour operator has launched in the UK, offering holidays and cruises for the more adventurous traveller

A new adults-only tour operator has launched in the UK, offering holidays and cruises for the more adventurous travellers, writes

Temptation Holidays offers trips to boutique resorts in Cancun, Mexico, as well as European and Caribbean cruises for over-21s. Some resorts come equipped with playrooms for “sexual adventurists”.

 The tour operator follows another adults-only tour operator, Uniquely Adult, which launched in January with holidays to the Caribbean.
Each Temptation Holidays tour is graded depending on how “adult” it is, under one of the categories “party”, “nude” and “play”.

According to the tour operator, “party” resorts have a lively atmosphere, with “topless optional” areas, that are suitable for groups of friends. “Nude” resorts are the next level up, with designated “clothing optional” areas.

“Play” holidays, which are all couples-only, offer additions such as couple’s playrooms, erotic entertainment and adult parties.

Nina Saini, executive director of Temptation Holidays, says the “discreet” resorts and cruises promote a “sex positive” atmosphere.

“They provide safe and private spaces where couples can practise their sexual preferences in a non-judgmental place,” she tells the Independent.

“With today’s dispensable Tinder culture, people are trying to enhance their relationships with their partners. They’re better at communicating what they want,” she adds. The resorts and cruises are “a great holiday regardless”, offering “an opportunity to reconnect with your partner. If you’re going to explore your sexuality, it’s an interesting concept.”

Everything is entirely optional, she stresses, and all resorts have a no camera and no video policy.

The resorts on offer include the Temptation Cancun Resort in Mexico, described as the “playground for grown-ups”; and Desire Riviera Maya Resort, also in Cancun, with erotic entertainment and a playroom.


Meanwhile, in a post-Me Too era, the tour operator has put together a rule book for its holidays to ensure the comfort of guests.

Temptation Holiday’s dos and don’ts

Do wear “appropriate attire” in the restaurants on topless and clothing optional holidays. 

Don’t take photos or videos.

Don’t have sex in a public area.

Don’t ask staff members to get involved: they are “forbidden to interact intimately” with guests.

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