Negotiations continue. PSRM invited ACUM to discuss once again

PSRM invited ACUM to negotiations once again.

"ACUM representatives are invited to negotiations on April 24 at 11 at PSRM headquarter, to discuss about the common agenda including the removal of the oligarchs from the governing system and establish new measures to avoid further snap election", was written in an ACUM press release.

Ion Ceban posted a reaction on Facebook.

"ACUM is less categorical now. It might provide a cooperation. But, we concluded that PAS and PPDA are not available for serious negotiations", wrote Ion Ceban.

At the same time, Ion Ceban says that PSRM is worried about some unionists actions of PAS-PPDA.

"We are worried about some actions of PAS and PPDA", was mentioned in the message.

On April 11, the socialists and ACUM members held a session to discuss about a governing coalition. The attempt to form a governing coalition failed.

The governance program proposed by PSRM provides for Zinaida Greceanii to become Parliament Speaker and SIS to be subordinate to the presidential administration. At the same time, within the new Government, the PSRM will insist on the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defense.

The Socialists also want Russian language to become a language of communication and to cancel of the law provides for the fight against Russian propaganda in the Republic of Moldova.


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