NATO respects suzerainty, independence and integrity of Moldova

NATO respects suzerainty, independence and integrity of Moldova. They will offer the required support for our country to fight against cybernetic attacks and to strengthen the army forces. The promises were made by the General secretary of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, within a press release where Pavel Filip was also present.

At the same time, the General NATO secretary announced the NATO bureau from Chisinau will be opened at the beginning of December.

''NATO helps Moldovan forces to be stronger. Also, NATO will help Moldova to face the cybernetic attacks. At the beginning of the next month, Rose Gottemoeller, the deputy secretary of NATO will open the NATO bureau from Chisinau. We respect that Moldova wont adhere to NATO and the decision is up to you. NATO supports an establish, neutral Moldova. We are glad we have such a strong partner'', said Jens Stoltenberg, the General Secretary of NATO.

At his turn, the Prime Minister, Pavel Filip mentioned the opening of the NATO bureau in Chisinau will bring a new brief and will contribute to launch new projects between the Alliance and our country.

Also, Pavel Filip thanked the General secretary of NATO for their support that came from the program "Science for peace and security".

''Due to the support, the "National Strategy for safety", for 2017-2021 was finished. I want to reiterate the determination of Republic of Moldova to continue the mission of peace maintaining in Kosovo", said Pavel Filip.



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