NATO calls Moldovan political forces to remain calm and resolve their differences through dialogue, accordance with rule of law

"NATO is following with concern the political crisis in the Republic of Moldova. We call on all political forces in the country to exercise calm and restraint, and to resolve their differences through dialogue, in full respect of the rule of law.

The Republic of Moldova's democratically elected leaders need to work together to overcome this crisis.

We reaffirm NATO's continuing support to the Republic of Moldova in the reform of its defence and security institutions. NATO and the Republic of Moldova have been close partners for more than 25 years. We remain committed to the Republic of Moldova’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity", quoted Statement by the NATO Spokesperson on the situation in the Republic of Moldova

Moreover, Interim President Pavel Filip has signed today a decree to announce early elections for September 6. 

"The Constitutional Court has determined today that the president refuses to fulfill his attributions which violates the Constitution. Constitutional Court has suspended his function. It's not the first time. It becomes a tradition for Igor Dodon to violate the Constitution. A decree has been signed to establish snap elections on September 6 so that we will manage to prepare a transparent objective elections", said Pavel Filip. 

The constitutional court announced on Friday that the last day to form a new Government expired, which means that Saturday, the President of the country should dissolve the Parliament.

However, against the law, PSRM and ACUM deputies voted for Zinaida Greceanii as the president of the parliament. 56 deputies out of 61 voted for.

Also, Igor Dodon named Maia Sandu, PAS leader as prime minister, even if he didn't have the right to do it. 

DPM announced they will contest all the decisions taken today at the Constitutional Court.

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