National Wine Day: Capital downtown gathered thousands of wine admirers

Barriers were nonexistent today in downtown. Thousands of Moldovans, but also guests from different countries spoke one language with words that refer to varieties of wine. The organizers aimed to teach visitors how wines should be enjoyed.

Visitors have not hesitated to taste the liquors the winemakers exposed.

"It's fine, I tasted the Chardonnay and Cabernet wines."

"I am for the first time in Moldova. It is a very colorful celebration. When you look at this place, you realize that it really is a feast for the soul. My friends and I came from Kiev."

"We are from Moscow and came in visit some friends, to be here for Wine Day."

"We came to Chisinau for the Wine Day, to see how wine is celebrated in Moldova, with pride. We love Chisinau and people from here."

"I am from the United States. I came to see how you celebrates Wine in Moldova. It is very beautiful to see how people gather in the city center to celebrate it."

"This is the first time I come to Moldova and I feel fortunate to participate at this festival. Tomorrow we will visit a winery."

Manufacturers say they have pulled out tastiest and finest wines from cellars.

"First the guests are served with wines from indigenous varieties, feteasca white, black feteasca, viorica, rare black representing us, especially because most of the visitors are from abroad."

PUBLIKA.MD recalls that Wine Festival is at its 15th edition. Those who wish to taste wines produced in Moldova are able to do so tomorrow in the Capital downtown. This weekend, organizers expect about 100 000 visitors, of which one third from abroad.

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