National program to improve access to qualitative water in Moldova

The Moldovan authorities assure at least ¾ of the population will be connected to running water and sewage by 2025. This is an objective of a national program meant to improve the quality of water, drafted by the Health and Environment Ministries. The total cost of the program amounts to 11 billion lei ($0.55 bn.)

The water the Moldovans use has high concentrations of noxious elements, and the bad water is a key trigger of different epidemics.

The program also provides for modernizing water processing plants, building aqueducts and endowing schools and kindergartens with water filters.

"We may consider we have in place the due legislation in ratio of 80 - 90 %, but we have to identify the money immediately to have the goals achieved," said Environment Minister Valeriu Munteanu.

According to the authorities, 80 % of the necessary money is going to be provided by international partners.

Now, but 30 % of the population has access to running drinking water, as 40 % use wells.

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