National Patrol Inspectorate urge drivers to make sure their cars are properly equipped for cold weather

National Patrol Inspectorate recommends drivers to make sure that their cars are properly equipped to be able to face the cold days from this week.

Those who plan a long road are urged to have snow tires, not to speed, maintain distance between vehicles and always have the headlights on.

Before beginning the trip, drivers are also recommended to check the car's heater core, antifreeze, as well as ensure that they have enough fuel.

Drivers who plan to a long road through a snow storm must have snow chains, a bag of sand, a shovel, ice scraper, a warm blanket, as well as enough water and food for emergency situations.

National Patrol Inspectorate also recommends citizens to avoid spending prolonged period of time in the cold and request help from nearest patrol team, or call 902 when necessary.


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