National laboratories provided with high-tech equipment to provide cervical screening services

Two national laboratories in Republican Clinic Hospital and Institute of Mother and Child Healthcare were installed with high-tech equipment to provide cervical screening services. 

In these laboratories, important cytological and histopathological analyzes are performed on a daily basis that allow early diagnosis of precancerous cervical lesions and case management, thus preventing cervical cancer in women.

"The Pap smear test can be done free of charge by any woman from the age of 25, at the family doctor. It is the only way to diagnose premature cervical changes, helping prevent cervical cancer. Ministry, with the support of development partners, provided the laboratories with modern equipment, which will allow us to cover all the necessary cytological and histopathological analyzes in the country and thus to reduce the number of deaths due to this cause through prevention and treatment on time ", underlined the Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Silvia Radu.

Nearly US $ 140,000 worth of laboratory equipment was procured by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), from the money provided by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), within the project Prevention of Cervical Cancer in the Republic of Moldova

"The Government of Switzerland is the largest bilateral donor in the health sector of the Republic of Moldova, and today we see a beautiful example of this cooperation," said Caroline Tissot, Director of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova.

Rita Colombia, UNFPA Representative, said in the past five years, more than 1500 Moldovan women lost their lives because of this disease.

"Cervical cancer can be easily prevented, and today we have made a very important step for it. The laboratory equipment will be used both to provide quality medical services, to international standards, to cervical screening, and to train specialists. We urge women to seek these services so that we together can stop cervical cancer, "said Rita Columbia.

The Pap test for the prevention of cervical cancer is recommended to be performed by women aged 25-61 every three years. The test is free to the family doctor. Over 700 Moldovan women daily perform the cervical screening test that helps them prevent cervical cancer. 

The equipment was procured within the framework of the Project Prevention of Cervical Cancer in the Republic of Moldova carried out in 2017-2020 by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, UNFPA, SDC and the International Association for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer. The project aims to reduce the cervical cancer mortality and mortality by improving the quality of medical services and informing / encouraging women aged 25-61 to request these services.


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