National Hora for Moldova's 25th Independence Day

 National Hora for Independence Day. Several districts will dance simultaneously for country's Independence Day.

Moldova will be caught in a national dance. At the 25th Year of Independence of our country, dozens of people will dance simultaneously. Dance teams are in the middle of preparations as they learn their last steps. In Criuleni village rehearsals were held yesterday.

Sanda Golban is 11-year-old and is the youngest participant in the Criuleni village dance team. The child says she wants all Moldovans to dance the hora for the Independence Day. 

Hora dancers claim that the dance will unite the country. 

The art leaders hope that viewers will catch in the dance.

In Criuleni village, National Hora will be held in the center's square, where 40 dancers will perform. A National Harbor Parade will be organized after national dance in the country.

The events are organized by the Ministry of Culture.

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