National football players taught lesson for children from Balti

The players of our national football team don't leave the training even in vacation. Eugeniu Cebotaru, Andrei Cojocari, Gheorghi Ovseannicov and the former player of the first representative, Gherghe Bodiu taught a football lesson for children from Balti.

At the event participated the members of the woman football team. The children received diplomas and presents from the guests.

"I like the children, especially the ones who are interested in football. I wish them luck and health. They are very good. We spend a wonderful time together. I have always liked such events", said Andrei Cojocari.

"When we were younger, we had the honor to assist the footballers of the national team. They were encouraging us to follow their example. I hope those children will arrive in the national team", said Eugeniu Cebotaru, the midfielder of the national Moldovan team.

"It is a very interesting project. We can watch by the footballers' emotions. The players are very excited when they see us", said Alina Stetenco.

The footballers will visit many other sportive schools till the end of the year. After Magdacesti and Balti, the players from Causeni, Cantemir and Grigoriopol will have this chance too.

The footballers visit different towns and villages within the second edition of the "National football team in your city" project of the Moldovan Football Federation.

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