National Food Safety Agency fined a sausage company with 13 000 lei

A sausage company was fined with 13 000 lei for not respecting sanitary norms when processing meat. To prevent such cases, National Food Safety Agency (ANSA) announced that in the next two months, inspectors will perform controls in all enterprises processing meat.

"People have many suspicions. We would like for inspectors from other regions, who will for the first time step into a certain enterprise, to perform checks and follow all rules by the book" director of ANSA Gheorghe Gaberi said.

Employers Representatives of meat processing enterprises claims that after breaches were found, some economic agents registered losses.

"Each control helps us, as it points out our flaws, but now there are enough controls in businesses and enterprises themselves are obviously evolving. Food safety has greatly progressed since ANSA begun its activity" chairman of the meat processing enterprises organization, Sergiu Grădinaru declared.

During January - November, ANSA inspectors have performed 246 officials controls. It resulted in 225 tons of meat being disposed of, as it did not meet the sanitary-veterinary requirements.

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