National Employment Agency reports 11 thousand job openings all over Moldova

Citizens of Moldova looking for a job can choose out of 11 thousand workplaces. National Employment Agency has reported that most offers, of 4 255, are in Capital. In Bălţi are almost 1 200 jobs, in Floreşti  are around 500, while in Ungheni and Anenii Noi, 400 each.

Most sought after are people with higher education. Specialists from textiles and clothing industries, can apply to one of the 2 540 openings.

Unqualified people can also find a job. There are 800 spots as auxiliary workers, 300 in agriculture and forestry and 200 teacher assistants.

People who have gained higher education, on average, have 2 000 work places they can apply at.

360 employees are searched in Education, over 300 in Healthcare and almost 200 in finance, commerce and economy.

According to National Employment Agency in Moldova are over 19 thousand unemployed persons.

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