National Commission for organizing uninominal voting approved by Government

The Government approved the following National Commission for organizing the uninominal voting:

a) two representatives from the Central Electorate Commission;

b) a representative of the Justice Commission, with titles and immunity given by the Parliament;

c) a representative of the Republic of Moldova's President;

d) a representative from each parliamentary groups and fractions;

e) a representative from each extra-parliamentary political parties who have gained over 2% of votes;

f) a representative from each politic party who have participated in the second round of elections;

g) a representative from the People's Assembly of Gagauzia;

h) a representative from each ethnic minority, whose number is more than 1% of the whole population;

i) two representatives from the local public authority;

j) two representatives from Bureau for Diaspora Relations;

k) three academic representatives from the field of law, geography and sociology;

l) a representative of the civil society, member of the Human Rights and Justice Group.

The commission can also have representatives from delegations, with no right to vote, representatives from political Bureaus, from Ministry of External Affairs and European Integration, a member of the European Commission for democracy through law from Republic of Moldova, as well as other known people whose opinion can ensure professionalism and objectivity. 

The commission is made in order to elaborate and approve of 51 permanent uninominal voting laws, for the next parliamentary election, approved by the Government.

The commission has 13 months to present the Parliament the new project for approval. 

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