National Bank to decide with investigating company what is possible to disclose about embezzled assets from failed banks

In April 2017, the companies Kroll and Steptoe & Johnson presented a project envisaging multiple legal suits to recuperate the assets siphoned up from the three bust banks Banca de Economii, Banca Socială and UniBank.

Now, the Moldovan authorities review the recuperation strategy and will start applying it shortly. The bill on recuperating the money would be validated in July 2017, after consultations with experts from Kroll and Steptoe & Johnson.

The results of the probe must stay classified in order to recuperate the embezzled money.

The Central Bank (BNM) has received one more report from Kroll’s running investigation. The BNM is to decide with Kroll on the opportunity of disclosing the results of the inquest.

Meanwhile, Kroll will regularly present notes to the BNM, which will inform the public.

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