National Bank of Moldova working with CNA for 20 billion dollars money laundering case

National Bank of Moldova cooperates with the National Anti-Corruption to investigate the 20 billion dolars money lauderring case through a commercial bank in the capital.

The National Bank of Moldova governor, Sergiu Cioclea assured that all documents required for the investigationhave been submitted to prosecutors.

"It is very important because NBM can't be an defensive institution. The audience requires us to be active. Employees of the National Bank are doing so much to solve problems identified in previous years and not to restore credibility. It is very important not to abuse. it is very important that whoever is guilty is punished and who is innocent should not be punished" , said NBM governor, Sergiu Cioclea.

Last week, former Deputy Governor of the National Bank, Tăbârţă Emma, current head of the Banking Supervision Department of the Institution, Matei Dohotaru and head of the Department of Regulation and Licensing of NBM, Vladimir Turcan, have been arrested for 25 and 30 days.

According to prosecutors, this case is related to the money laundering criminal case involving Veaceslav Platon, known as Raider number one in the CIS.

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