National Bank launches a new survey to find out statistics users' opinion on external sector

National Bank is the public institution is responsible for drafting, analysis and publication of statistics on international accounts on evolution of external sector (balance of payments, international investment position and external debt).

In order to improve these statistics, National Bank has developed and published on its official webpage the User survey on statistics of the external sector of Moldova. Thus, a better understanding of users' needs is intended.

This survey is up-to-date due to growing interest on the external sector statistics.

Moldova's economy is an open one, so that the external sector has major implications on it and highlights its structural problems. A challenge in this respect is to move from a consumption-led growth to one supported by investment, production and exports, these indicators being pursued by development partners, writes

The survey was released for all users of statistical data on the external sector, regardless of their sphere of activity and purpose of use of such data. Respondents can access in three language versions - English, Romanian and Russian.

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