National Agency for Work Force offers approximately 10,000 openings for students

The National Agency for Work Force proposes approximately 10,000 openings for those who are looking for a job.

The biggest number of openings are offered to students who graduated professional schools and for unqualified workers. For these categories of employees are available approximately 7,500 work places, approximately 80% of the total number of openings. Most offers are in the field of textile industry, construction and sales.

The auxiliary workers, from the field of assembling and mounting the parts, and from agriculture are also wanted.

Also, for the graduate students and those with specialty studies are available over 2,100 workplaces, which is 24% of the total number of openings. The persons who finished the studies in education have the biggest chance of employment: approximately 500 workplaces. In the health field are 320 openings.

At territorial level, most openings are in Chisinau, where were registered approximately 4,500 places of work. In Balti and Orhei are 850 and 330 openings respectively. In Cahul are 290 openings and in the ATU Gagauzia -220 of them.             

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