Nastase pretends to be in the dark about his brother running for parliamentary elections

Andrei Nastase declared at N4 channel show that ACUM members nominated his brother Vasile Nastase as a parliamentary elections candidate for district No.33, without announcing him.

'My colleagues didn't ask my opinion. I analyzed some candidates, among whom wasn't my brother. Someone who we wanted to run with said that he wants to stay in his town, so we had a hard time to found another. My colleagues MPs decided so. They put me in the front of the decision', Nastase said.
Vasile Nastase didn't answer to confirm any information.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that Vasile, Andrei Nastase's brother is a journalist and recently was a Jurnal TV show moderator, a channel associated with PPDA which belongs to Andrei Nastase's godfather, Victor Topa.

Vasile Nastase became famous through his violent outbursts. In 2006, when the Communist government took the control over Euro TV, Vasile Nastase roughed up Valentina Cusnir, who was a MP that time.
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