Nastase gets slammed after calling local officials 'local barons'

PPDA (DA Platform) leader Andrei Năstase stirred the dissatisfaction of local officials, who attended a debate today on the uninominal voting system. They felt offended that Nastase made statements about ‘local barons’ and that a ‘good mayor’ did not mean a ‘good lawmaker,’ writes

Several mayors, who have been repeatedly elected as Nina Costiuc from Budești (near Chisinau) and Constantin Cojocaru from the northern district of Edineț slammed Năstase’s statements, voicing in favor of the uninominal electoral system, which they view as fairer than the present based on party lists.

“This system has proven lack of respect for citizens for 25 years. It was created for parties, which lost credibility in the citizens’ eyes and act as companies. They belong to arrogant people. I stand up for change, though I do plan to become an MP,” Nina Costiuc said.

She also criticized Năstase’s statements on ‘local barons.’ “I felt insulted by this accusation – ‘local barons’ – I am elected through universal, direct and free vote, and I want the deputies to be elected the same way. Please trust the citizen and do not drive them away. We are changing the system,” Nina Costiuc maintained.

Edineț mayor Constantin Cojocaru, who was elected thrice for the office,  thinks the present electoral system offers no equal chances to all citizens.

“I did not have the opportunity to get to the Parliament, because of the present system. I want now to make a political career. Don’t you think the system is depriving me of this right?” he asked Andrei Năstase.

Andrei Năstase answered him in a gross way that a good mayor does not mean a good parliamentarian.

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