Nastase caught lying. PPDA leader has given false affirmations on a TV channel

Former prosecutor from the communist period Andrei Nastase, launched new false blaming to Publika TV. In a private talk-show, the godson of the criminal oligarch, Victor Topa declared that Publika TV wrote about his visit to Moscow.

"During one week, the public opinion was daily intoxicated by Publika TV that Nastase is in Moscow, while Nastase was in Vienna", declared Andrei Nastase.

PPDA leader's declaration was totally false. We wrote actually that Nastase was waited in Moscow and never mentioned that he was there. According to the sources, there was sent the politician's intermediate, Alexandru Machedon.
His false affirmations are easily to fight and can be always verified. Our television channel wrote that PPDA leader was quoted at Moscow for a collaboration with Russian investigators in an open criminal folder in full electoral campaign on the DPM leader's name, Vlad Plahotniuc.

The quote, signed by a Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs' representative was published by TV 8. Publika TV never said that Nastase has accepted the invitation. The one who lies is PPDA leader, who previously denied that he was quoted, although on May 13 he was waited in the Russian Capital. On May 2, in a talk-show filming set of Jurnal TV, Nastase boasted about his demarche to the Russian authorities about the criminal folders filed to the Democrat leader. The document wasn't publicly showed.

TV 8's quote was launched on May 6 and proved that PPDA leader was invited to Moscow at least two times. More than that, according to the Telegram group Boiler Show's information, Andrei Nastase mandated his most trusted ally, Alexandru Machedon to negotiate in Moscow. According to the quoted source, Nastase presented Machedon to the Russians as his right hand within a double visit to Vienna.

Andrei Nastase was officially declared the number one enemy of Publika TV after a press-conference where the godson of the criminal Victor Topa named our TV channel "Publika WC". As a result of this insult, Publika TV has sent an open letter to the press institutions, media NGOs and accredited at Chisinau embassies in which we requested for the condemning of the unspeakable language of the deputy Andrei Nastase. His gesture was condemned by more influencers, journalists and politicians.
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