Nastase accused his ex-coalition partner of handing over government to Igor Dodon

The PAS leader surrendered the government which strengthened the power of President Igor Dodon. The statement was made by Andrei Nastase on a TV show. 

"His seat was strengthened when the Chicu government took over. Until then, he was nobody. When we had a pro-European government, a government with foreign support, a government with people's support, Dodon was nobody", the PPDA leader said on the TV8 show. 

Moreover, Nastase said the political alliance ACUM broke down due to Maia Sandu. 

"The PPDA platform has constantly done everything in our power so that we remain united. Unfortunately, politicians in the Republic of Moldova choose something else and we respect their option," Andrei Nastase pointed out.

The PAS leader has not yet commented on Andrei Nastase's statements.


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