Nastase about CSP's letter: The last song of a dying swan

The Superior Council of Prosecutors qualifies as a pressure the vice-PM's request to convene a extraordinary session of this structure today.

The Internal Affairs Minister, Andrei Nastase, being at an event organized by IGSU, refused to discuss with the journalists to reply to the CSP's mentions. The politician didn't want event to hear the question.
'-Mr. Nastase, how do you reply to the press-communicate issued by CSP?
- Miss, I set a rule, you understand me? Why we can only deal normally with Moldova 1 from all the press. Thank you', mentioned Andrei Nastase.
In return, how he is used to, Nastase lashed out on Facebook. He wrote that the Superior Council of Prosecutors represents 'the last song of a dying swan'. 

More than that, the Minister qualified CSP's reaction as a bad joke and pure cynicism.

We mention that  yesterday, Andrei Nastase requested the president of the institution, Angela Motuzoc, through a Facebook post, to convene on Thursday an extraordinary session to discuss about Prosecution's activity and especially of the the General prosecutor Eduard Harunjen. More than that, Andrei Nastase came with a number of requests to the CSP members.

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