NAPH Director: Moldova does not have test kit for novel coronavirus

Moldova does not have test kit for the novel coronavirus, but this is not problematic because the expertise can be done in other countries where the equipment is available. The statement was made by the director of the National Public Health Agency on Publika TV's Report show. 

"Coronavirus is not new. In Moldova, coronavirus has been identified several times. What we have today is a new strain. Coronavirus can cause Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. 

We can do the necessary expertise in these laboratories. We have trained people and we have techniques and sets that detect coronavirus only apart from the new strain. 

At the end of January, the EU requested data to see where the equipment's available to allocate laboratory kit. WHO has published the list of laboratories in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Russia, which have labs and can do expertise 24/7.

We have competent persons who hold WHO certificates and have experience in transporting pathological material to other reference laboratories", said Furtună. 

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