Nadeja Cantir will fight against Daria Puntus at Gala KOK

Nadejda Cantir, the best KOK fighter of Moldova will have another opponent at the Gala from December 9.

The sportive from our country should have fight for the Champion belt on category of 51 kilos with Es,a Hasshass. The Dutch was involved in an accident, this is why she can't participate. Thus, Cantir will fight against Daria Puntus from Lithuania and the battle for the belt was postponed.

"I feel very good. I can't wait to participate at battles, as I miss the ring and the participation in this project. I hope everything will be okay", said Nadejda Cantir, KOK fighter.

"Nadejda works a lot. Sometimes, I should interrupt from the training process, because I am afraid she can get exhausted. I am sure that Nadejda will prove she is worth the prize", said Andrei Grosu, trainor.

At the KOK Gala there are planned two female battles. Dona Cheli from Comrat will fight against Irina Imcik from Balti and Ferti Kirat with the Ukranian Ludmila Pilipciak.

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