NAC confirmed evidence brought by Mihai Stratulat about fake diagnosis made by doctors of two hospitals from Capital

NAC's investigation confirm the evidence of Mihai Stratulat regarding the fake diagnosis made by the specialists of No.1 hospital and the hospital placed on Serghei Lazo street. This is how the doctors take additional money from the National House of Allowances in Medicine.

"We took the files of many children who had pneumonia and gave it to the Center of Legal Medicine to check them once again. The results show that in 19 cases out of 60 the diagnosis is wrong", declared Angela Starinschi, NAC press officer.

NAC opened a penal case. Yet, it is unknown if somebody is blamed within this criminal file. Mihai Stratulat pediatrician says that after he brought the evidence, the situation changed at the No.1 hospital, but the one at the hospital placed on Serghei Lazo street continues.

"The problem comes from the administration. The doctors are obliged to do it", said Mihai Stratulat, pediatrician.

This situation doesn't end here. Stratulat says that the children are released from hospital a couple of days before the required time.

"They are offering their place to another child. Serghei Lazo hospital has 100 beds, but it has between 200 and 300 patients", said Mihai Stratulat, pediatrician.

The director of the Children Hospital from Serghei Lazo street denies these accusations.

"I don't know where these accusations come from, but these are not true. Mr.Stratulat doesn't have any evidence", said Stefan Calancea, the director of No.1 Serghei Lazo hospital.

In the summer of 2018, Mihai Stratulat revealed that the doctors of the two hospitals give wrong diagnosis to raise the number of patients.

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