Mysterious disappearance of woman on excursion to Monastary Ţâpova

A 30-year-old woman disappeared in mysterious conditions while joining a trip to Tsapova Monastery. She was part of a group of 18 people. The woman has two children and is a resident of Ialoveni city.

Group members say the woman walked alone in the woods and did not come back. She left her cell phone in the tent. They discovered her absence on Saturday night. The next day they alerted the woman's relatives.

"I came with her father yesterday at 2.00 pm I tried to find her in vain through the forest and alerted the police. She came with a group she knew from facebook to practice yoga, "said the woman's husband, Igor Cacialov.

"She never disappeared, she might have been lost in the woods or kidnapped," added Igor Cacialov.

Besides the 20 police officers at the Rezina Inspectorate, seven locals are involved in women's searches. The team is accompanied by a police dog.

Operations take place only during the day because at night, due to steep rocks in the region, the area becomes dangerous.

The missing woman is 1.65 m high, brown hair. She wore pink blouse and shorts. Those who have any information are kindly requested to call 068050709 or 902.

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