"MustFest" festival awaits its guests at Cricova's vineyard

Only a few more hours to go before the  MUSTFest festival, dedicated to 65 years anniversary of "Cricova" wine, will begin.

The first guests are expected to arrive at 3 PM at the Cricova's vineyard. At the entrance the guests will be given a cup of must, afterwards led to various workshops and stalls.

Throughout the day a good mood will be maintained by local artists, while in the evening the stage will be offered to the famous musician Goran Bregovic.

Citizens of the Capital can go to the event using the transportation, offered by the organizations, parked in front of the Circus. While those who decided to go by car, will be offered secured parking lots.

People who didn't manage to purchase a ticket, but still wish to take part in the event can pay 400 lei at the entrance to gain access.

The event is sponsored by the television channel PRIME.

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