Must Fest 2017 to take place in renowned underground city of Cricova

Quality wine, pleasant atmosphere and good music, are all words that perfectly describe the feeling people will experience at the Must Fest festival. The event is meant to mark 65 year since the first appearance of Cricova wines, starring the famous singer from Balkans, Goran Bregović.

The Must Fest 2017 festival will take place in the renowned underground city, with over 600 hectare.

The guests will be able to taste a glass of their new wine and have a taste of Moldova's traditional food, while listening to Goran Bregović and Alex Calancea Band's music.

"Our guests will have the chance to see a truly lordly sigh. Will be able to taste "feteasca alba" and "feteasca regală" wine, served by lads and lasses dressed in Moldova's traditional clothes, who will also invite them to a traditional dance" PR Manager of Cricova enterprise, Rodica Căruntu said.

The event will begin at 3 PM and transportation to and from is offered by the organizers.

"We will start transporting people, interested in going to Cricova by our transport, with minibuses each 10 minutes starting 2 PM" Deputy chief of Cricova business center, Denis Şovu declared.

The festival at Cricova will end with a great firework show.

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