Museums Night in Chisinau. Visitors enjoyed workshops, live music and exhibitions

The Capital museums hosted the European Museum Nights on the Saturday night. The visitors enjoyed exhibitions, workshops and live music. The entrance was free.

The Army Museum was very crowded until midnight. Even if the rain broke their plans, people were happy to go there.

A fire show was exhibited in front of the museums.

"I like such shows very much."

"Every year we are coming here with our children."

A meal was arranged in the yard of the museum.

"Today we have mamaliga, meat and tea."

At the Center of Culture and Military History, the show started after the rain ended.

"We didn't perform the main show, but we still hope that the audience enjoyed everything", said Vitalie Ciobanu, the director of the Culture and Military History Center.

A great atmosphere was hosted by the Arts Museums. Here, there were many French tourists.

"It is a great event."

At the Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, 1,600 butterflies from all over the world were exposed.

"I liked all the butterflies, because they have something special, something that makes them special and represents where they come from."

The National History Museum also got involved in the event;. Among the visitors was Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Monica Babuc.

"The event is as beautiful as it is in all of the years and at the same time differently, because our museum mates dedicate to the International Museum Day and its night-time pavilion, the European Night of Museums, original actions every year", Monica Babuc mentioned.

There are 127 museums in the country. According to official data, last year they received 760 thousand visits.

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