Murderers of a man, whose remains were found in Puhăceni, risk life imprisonment

The remains of a 22-year-old man were found in the yard of a house from Puhăceni village, Anenii Noi. He was a member of a criminal group.

According to the police, the three suspects, who were arrested shortly after the remains were found, were his partners in crime and they would consume drugs together. The victim was searched by parents and friends for over three months and only now found out about his fate.

The young man is the sixth child in his family. Parents claim that he was well behaved and did not like alcohol much.

The man's father said that in the night of his disappearance, he told his parents we was going to a friend to collect a debt.

Knowing that he used to leave the house and go to relatives, the parents have not called the police. After there were no words from the young man, they announced the law enforcement. The father mentioned that his friends knew where he was and what happened.

"Nobody wanted to say where he was, but many knew. We heard that there, at the gate, he stood in the middle of the road. A person passed, but many said that he was drunk. Afterward, they covered him with a blanket, dragged him in a yard and went back to drinking" the father said.

His mother claims that her son was murdered in cold blood.

"Supposedly the owner went for a cigarette. When he went outside, he had a knife for pig slaughtering and suddenly stabbed him in the heart."

One of the suspect's sister refused to speak with our team.

Villagers are horrified with what happened.

"I was born here. Lived here for the past 60 years, but never before something like this happened."

"It is horrible. May God protect us from something like this! Such an act happened for the first time in Puhăceni."

The suspects are aged between 19 and 45 years old and have confessed, telling details of the murder, for the law enforcement. According to the police, they begun fighting while drinking together.

To hide signs of the crime, they set the body on fire, drunk some more and buried the remains in one of their yards.

Earlier, the victim and aggressors were trialled for hooliganism, rape and theft.

Police officers and prosecutors are waiting for results from forensics to establish all circumstances of the case. If found guilty, the suspects risk from 20 years to life imprisonment.

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