Murderer of Moldovan student from Iaşi received life sentence

The citizen of Romania, who two years ago has killed a Moldovan student with a knife in a dormitory from Iași, received a life sentence. Still, the decision made by judges from Court of Appeal from Iaşi is not final.

The crime took place on the night of 8th to 9th November 2015. The suspect fatally stabbed Victor Nour, a young man from Chişinău and has also dug the weapon ten time in the back of another roommate, from Neamţ ditrict, who managed to survive. After committing the crime, Aurelian Giosan set the room on fire and fled.

The man was condemned for homicide, attempted murder, robbery and arson. Victor Nour was 19 at the time and was a first year student at the Faculty of Economics at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University from Iaşi.

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