Muravschi: Bloc ACUM must accept negotiation to form ruling coalition. Their decision is great mistake

Deputies of ACUM bloc have to accept a dialogue with parties which entered in new legislature and give up behaviors they had in protests. The statement was made by Alexandru Muravschi, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy in the Government of Sturza. Alexandru Muravschi wrote on Facebook post. 

He strongly criticized the intention of ACUM leaders to ask EU to veto results of elections and to maintain the decision to block financial assistance to Moldova. 

After Maia Sandu announced in a talk show that she would go to Brussels to talk about electoral irregularities, Alexandru Muravschi reminded her that several international institutions including EU and OSCE delegations validated the results of February 24 elections. 

Former Deputy Prime Minister of the Strurta Government believes that the decision of ACUM bloc to avoid negotiation is wrong. Alexandru Muravschi mentioned that in European countries, after elections, there are usually tough and long negotiations to form ruling coalition.  

The self-isolation of the ACUM bloc is also condemned by citizens that who said that the country will head for early elections unless there are talks to form ruling coalition. 

People also oppose to intention of ACUM bloc to challenge the election results as well as idea to block the EU financial assistance. 

Bloc ACUM refused twice this week for invitation to talks launched by PDM who announced to offer the position of prime minister. 

Socialists also invited ACUM bloc for negotiation. The latter also refused. 

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