Mr.Dodon’s proposal criticized by PDM: "It’s political trick"

President Igor Dodon expressed the proposal that the present electoral system be replaced with a mixed one and the Democratic Party of Moldova replied.

"We first of all want to express the regret for the fact that the president and PSRM didn’t reache a constructive dialogue at this topic till now. They came with an initiative solely when they understood that there exist the necessary votes for the change of the actual electoral system and that there exists consensus in society at this topic.

We consider that what the socialists now do is a political trick, an attempt to prevent the voting of the uninominal system and to forward the society’s attention towards something else to create confusion. Solely the uninominal system will offer the citizens a full control on the deputies from the future parliament, and this thing resulted also from the public consultations that we had, PDM thinks.

There were organized wide debates in the society concerning the uninominal voting, debates which took place on the parliamentary platform and to which participated representative categories of the society: NGO-s, syndicates, organizations of ethnic minorities, public personalities, analysts, political parties, electoral experts, representatives of the state’s institutions etc. There also existed a debate of the opposition parties, where the initiators of the project regarding the uninominal voting participated and presented numerous arguments in the favor of this electoral system, while the opponents limited themselves to use as counter arguments, personal attacks and insults.

There was organized in the same time a campaign of informing the population from the entire country, as by the mass-media, as by door to door campaigns, the citizens were offered informative materials and were explained the essence of uninominal voting. Almost one million signatures were collected in the favor of uninominal voting, an unprecedent support for an initiative in Moldova.

As a result of these wide debates, the initiators operated several modifications in the applied to project in the Parliament and are ready to do other completions. We’re open to discuss including with the parties and the society’s representatives who propose the mixed system, to expose the arguments why we consider that uninominal voting is more appropriate for the citizens. We don’t refuse dialogue with no one, we encourage to existe an as much as open one and a constructive one.

There has been shown a clear preference of the citizens for the uninominal voting in the last polls. The uninominal system offers the citizens several control levers on the future deputies. We will continue to present arguments in this sense.

We want an as as possible political consensus regarding the change of the electoral system, but we first of all want a wide consensus in the society and the respecting of the wish of the majority of the citizens, from which we started in our initiative.

The politicians don’t want to reform themselves on their own, some continuously want to enter the Parliament hidden by the lists, not to respond in front of the people for their activity as deputies. A part of the parties who oppose have in their political programme the change of the electoral system and the citizens gave them the vote for this thing too. For these parties is more important to solve their own interests, than to respect the vote they got from the citizens.

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