Mourning in Causeni. Funerals of Kaluga accident victims took place today

Mortgage in Causeni district. The victims of Kaluga accident had their funerals today. Hundreds of people came to say goodbye and sorry. The local authorities declared local mourning day.

Nadejda Capatina, a chemistry teacher died in the accident. Her former students say that she was a very smart person.

-She was an amazing teacher. We didn't expect such a situation.
-She was a great person, hard-working and kind. 

The family of Victor Tulea, the owner of the minibus is in pain. People said only good things about him.

-When I needed I good advice I was going to him for this advice.
-He was a perfect father and a good example for everybody.

Ion Golban who lives in Russia was also buried today.

The mayor of Causeni says that Kaluga accident marked the whole locality.

"We will help the families of the died with allowances of 20 thousand lei", said Grigorie Repesuk, the mayor of Causeni.

The accident took place the last Saturday. The minibus with our citizens hit a car driving on the opposite sense. 

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