Motorcycles parade in center of Capital (PHOTO)

Hundreds of motorcyclists from Moldova held a meeting in the National Assembly Square. The noise that they made made the passers by pay attention to them. In only one hour, the NAS turned into a huge parking place for bikers.

The bikers came with their ladies who were dressed in their most sexy leather suits.

Even if Igor Kazak doesn't gave a girlfriend, says that he has a talisman. 

"It is a money. I don't have to feed it, it also has a shoulder bag."

The members of a retro motorcycle club from Chisinau also came. The oldest motorcycle is 60 year old.

"It was a military motorcycle. When I bought it, it was broken." 

Totally, 460 motorcyclists gathered at the event.

"We want to make a holiday."

After they made a trip across the Capital, the bikers returned in the Capital square. 


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