Mother-of-six spends £2,000 on Christmas presents - and another woman who's splashed out on 100 gifts EACH for her three children

A mother-of-six on benefits was blasted by This Morning viewers after she defended her decision to spend £2,000 on Christmas presents, writes

Claire Young, who was signed off work in 2012 due to disability, receives an average of £850-a-week in benefits and explained she saves £50-a-week throughout the year so she can treat her six children, aged 12 and under. 

She appeared on This Morning to defend her spending habits, arguing that she should be allowed to decide how she wants to spend her money. 

Presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby also spoke to single mother Emma Tapping, from the Isle of Man, who has bought 300 Christmas presents for her three children. She first made headlines in 2015 when a photo of her gift haul went viral. 

Outraged viewers took to Twitter to blast both mothers, claiming they were 'setting a bad example' for their children - and were losing the true meaning of Christmas. 

Commenting on Emma's spending, one woman tweeted: 'Why doesn't she donate some of those presents to the less fortunate! Ridiculous!' 

Another wrote: 'That pile of presents is just ridiculous. Something missing in her life. Of course her kids don't appreciate it. They expect it.'

Other parents argued Claire should be saving more of her money that she receives in benefits.  'If you're on benefits, why spend £2,000 on kids? Stupid,' one wrote. 

Claire, whose children are all aged 10 and under, explained how she could not work because she suffered from both ME and fibromyalgia. Her partner gave up his career as a tradesman three years ago to become her full-time carer. 

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