Mother-in-law of fugitive Vitalie Proca caught lying during investigation

Mother-in-law of fugitive Vitalie Proca, Venera Gasparean was caught for lying by journalists from

Despite claiming that her son, David Davitean had no contact with Vitalie Proca, a cellphone conversation appeared that made all her previous words fruitless. In that call the two men are heard of fighting over some clothes both apparently wore. 

"The were never close, my son was even against his own sister marring to that person. They never saw each other, weren't even friends. After Vitalie left, David became closed off", said the lawyer.

This claim though, was overthrown by an audio made in January 2013.

Recently, journalists from  "Zeppelin" have published an investigation showing how Renato Usatîi created false leads that could serve his ties with the murder attempt of Russian businessman  Gherman Gorbunţov.

Evidence shows that the Mayor of Bălţi has paid an unknown individual to take the blame. More than that, Usatîi demanded him to confess that his client was Alexandr Antonov, an old partner of the victim.

In March 2012, Gherman Gorbunţov was shot in London, but he managed to survive. British investigator believed that the attempt was made by Vitalie Proca, Davitean's brother-in-law.

Gorbunţov claims that the attacks were planned from the beginning by Our Party's leader Renato Usatîi.


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