Most popular baby names chosen by Moldovans in 2016

Sofia and David were the most often chosen names in Moldova in 2016. Over 2,000 children have such names. The same popularity share the names: Maxim, Bogdan, Alexandru and Maria, Daria and Victoria.

Nearly one thousand men were named as David last year. As in 2015, this name is in the lead.

Another 859 children born in 2016 have been named Maxim and 727 - Alexander.

Over 600 boys have received the names of Artiom and Ion, along with Bogdan, Daniel, Matthew, Nikita and Michael.

The most popular name for girls in 2016 is Sofia, with over a thousand girls sharing the name.

Anastasia and Daria follows in the rankings. The name of Victoria has been given to 635 girls. 

Other popular name was Alexandra, Evelina, Amelia, Andrea, Valeria and Gabriela.

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