Most parents chose to purchase educational toys for children. Thoughts and opinions of Psychologists

During winter holidays, parents are in search for the perfect gift for their children. Most of the time, they  purchase educational toys.

"We must invest in our children, for them to have a proper development. Using such toys they can learn colors, shapes, animals" mother of a child explained.

Dani Gonţa is a first grader. His parents purchased him many educational toys, the boy now adores everything he can use for building.

"What sort of toys do you like the best? -Lego. -Why is that? -Because they can be used to build many things, such as boats or houses" Dani said.

In only a few minutes, Dani assembled a robot from ecologic toys: "I set the first foot, it looks like a hammer. The same with the other one. Our robot now has two legs."

A shop from the Capital offers a big variety of educational toys. The administrators claim that during this period, sales grew by up to 30%.

"In the series of lego, tetris games, we have a smaller and bigger tetris. This one has 100 pieces and a small book indicating what children could do out of it. From this series of games, are those where children can build a car, helicopter, or lorry" sale consultant, Victoria Novac declared.

Even form the most simple pieces, children can create a true fairy tale.

Objects which help develop a child's imagination must be chosen taking into account their age and utility, psychologists claim.

"Toys offer children a world where they can learn, memorize, develop their logical thinking and last but not least, discover the world. Any toy must impose color, separate, or color, or impose sound, another requires touch, softness" psychologist Irina Novac explained.

The price of an educational toys starts at 15 lei and can reach 500 lei, if we speak of wood puzzles. 

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