Most expensive screenings from Moldova. Prices reach to 15 000 lei

In Moldova, some medical screenings can cost patients to a few thousand lei, despite many of them being covered by the health insurance.

Still, the most expensive procedure is performed in a private clinic and costs 15 000 lei. Namely, a genetic test that can indicate a person's risks of catching certain infectious disease and, depending on the results, what food they should eat.

Most of the time, such medical investigations are performed by young couples. The beneficiaries gain at the end a full encyclopedia regarding their bodies.

"There are around 144 maladies. Diabetes, sterility, predisposition to oncological diseases. Nutrition and lifestyle. Which food will bring benefits and which will bring harm" general practitioner, Irina Sumarev said.

This man came along with his wife to the clinic to perform the test.

"I am glad that I have no genetic disorders. It is very important to know when you plan to start a family. I now know what to avoid to keep healthy."

The patient also claims that he was curious to know everything about his genes.

"Where I come from, where my ancestors are from and how we ended up here. I myself am also native of South America."

Republican Center of Medical Diagnosis also has some procedures that costs over 10 000 lei. Good news about it though, it can be performed using the health insurance. 

"The most expensive investigation here costs 12 104 lei. We speak of whole-body magnetic resonance imaging. It discovers pathologies. A coronary angiography costs 6 500 lei" Attending Physician, Boris Goloşenco said.

Among more expensive diagnosis counts coronary computed tomography angiography and oncology screening, which costs between 5 000 and 6 000 lei.

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