Mortality rate registered in Moldova in 2015 and main cause of deaths

The highest mortality rate is registered in the villages in the northern part of the country, the main cause of deaths being the circulatory system. The data is included in a study of the National Statistics Bureau.

Thus, last year in Donduseni district were registered 17 cases of death to 1,000 residents, and in Briceni and Edinet, 15 cases to 1,000 residents. The best situation is registered in Chisinau and in the southern part of the country.

In Chisinau, in the last year, the mortality rate was 8 cases to 1,000 people. In Cahul and Cantemir were registered 10 cases to 1,000 residents. The statistical data also show that in the northern part of the country most of the people pass away because of heart diseases, and in the central and southern part – of digestive system affections.

Totally, last year, approximately 40,000 people have passed away, with 400 more than in 2014.

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