Morning protest in Puhoi village, Ialoveni district

A protest occurred this morning in Puhoi village, Ialoveni district. Over 100 residents blocked the central road at 6 am. They are unsatisfied that six days ago the route to Chisinau was canceled.

According to the local authorities, the buses don't circulate anymore, because the economic agents who owned the buses complained at the National Transport Agency.

"The economic agents who were crossing the village remained without the license plates and the matriculation certifications of the car. Due to this, people were revolted, because they don't have a transportation to Chisinau", said Petru Frunze, the mayor of Puhoi village, Ialoveni district.

People say that the buses that cross the village are always too full.

"The buses are all full. People can't go to Chisinau. People want a comfortable bus, with a place for luggage."

"We should pay a lot of money and we circulate in bad conditions. The bus doesn't go on the other side of the village."

"In this village there are almost 6 000 residents and we need a separate bus."

According to the mayor, the buses on Puhoi-Chisinau route were bought in 2016 on the resident's money. ANTA didn't comment on this case.

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