More than 1500 policemen and carabiniers to ensure public order in vacation

Some on vacation, others at work. More than 1500 policemen and carabiniers will ensure public order during the mini-vacation period. 

People who will violate public order will not escape unpunished.

According to the deputy head of the General Police Inspectorate, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, the number of policemen in these days on duty is about 30 percent higher than on ordinary days.

"1500 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will ensure and maintain public order," Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, Deputy Head of PGI, said.

To avoid unpleasant situations, law enforcement officials advise citizens to be careful when making grilling and avoiding excessive drinking. The four-day minivan ends on May 2, when budgets will return to work.
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