More Moldovans require hip and knee prostheses surgeries

Over thousand hip and knee prostheses operations were performed in 2017, 154 more than in 2016. 400 of surgeries were made at the Institute of Emergency Medicine in Chisinau.

Even so, there are still nearly ten thousand patients on the waiting list.

Physicians say they have almost every day endoprosthesis surgery.

The prostheses for such interventions are brought from the United States, Germany, France and Italy.

"Here are the parameters of bones to be cut. Only a well prepared preoperative planning with trained team can provide good results", said the director of the Clinic University of IMSP, Gheorghe Croitoru.

An operation costs between 43 and 180 thousand lei, and the expenses are borne by the National Health Insurance Company. In 2017, over 15.8 million lei were allocated, almost three million more than in 2016.

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