More Moldovans apply for First House project. Pavel Filip: 3000 credits to be granted in 2019

More and more Moldovans are applying for First House project. Since the beginning of this year, over 200 families have enrolled in this project. Three thousand credits will be granted in 2019, says the Prime Minister Pavel Filip. 

After nearly ten years living in rented apartment, Adrian and Iulia Casian now can have their own house. The spouses, both doctors, said this opportunity kept them away thinking of going abroad. 

"We have lots of acquaintances, many relatives who left Moldova. Honestly, they say they would return", said Andrian Casian.

The family chose an apartment close to the workplace and the school of their daughter. 

The girl is so happy to have her room. 

"I like it so much. I have my own room, my bed". 

Since the launch, over 1,300 people have submitted to the First House program.

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